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Aucune prestation ne saurait se substituer à une consultation, un conseil ou une prescription vétérinaire.


Je me réserve le droit de refuser toute communication dont les motivations iraient à l’encontre de mes valeurs et du respect de l’animal ou des personnes. Toutes les informations transmises restent confidentielles.

  • How does a communication take place?
    With the photo of your animal and some additional information (age/date of birth, etc.), I connect to your animal (heart-to-heart communication) or to its soul if it is deceased (soul-to-soul communication) . I do not accept any communication without the explicit agreement of its owner / human.
  • With which animals is this possible?
    With all animals: dogs, cats, horses, NAC, farm animals...
  • Is it possible to help me find my lost animal?
    Depending on the situation, I can sometimes help you. It is therefore preferable to contact me to know the possibilities.
  • How do you communicate to me?
    Before communicating with your animal, we agree on a telephone appointment in order to allow me to fully understand your request. All communication is also transcribed to you in writing so that you can keep all the content.
  • What if my pet doesn't want to communicate?
    Sometimes your pet will not want to communicate when I contact him. I would then offer him several other times to find the right moment. If, however, your animal does not wish to communicate, I will refund your payment and direct you to another communicator.
  • How does energy healing take place?
    All care begins with a communication and a complete “scan” of the different bodies (physical, emotional, etheric, spiritual…) and chakras of your animal. Once this energy balance has been achieved, I proceed to a rebalancing and “repair” of the whole. I program the duration of the treatment according to the needs of your animal. The treatment can thus be extended for several days or even several weeks to achieve the best effectiveness. Whatever the necessary duration of the treatment, the price remains fixed and includes a telephone appointment.
  • What are the payment methods ?
    Bank card, Paypal
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